Welcome to the Spanish Peacock store!
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  • T-Shirts


    We now offer fiber-arts themed t-shirts! ┬áIf you don’t see one you love in stock, or if you have another design in mind, please contact us to see what we can create for you!

  • Supported Spindles

    Supported Spindles

    Supported spindles come in a variety of styles; what they have in common is that they are spun resting on surface. Learn more: Supported Spinning Frequently Asked Questions

  • Top Whorl Spindles

    Top Whorl Spindles

    Top whorl spindles feature the whorl at the top of the shaft. A specially designed hook at the top of the shaft ensures a long, smooth spin while drop spinning.

  • Bottom Whorl Spindles

    Bottom Whorl Spindles

    Bottom whorl spindles feature the whorl at the bottom of the shaft, and may be used for drop or supported spinning techniques.

  • Spindle Bowls

    Spindle Bowls

    Supports for supported spinning. Some designs feature stems, others have a lower profile.

  • Spinning Accessories

    Spinning Accessories

    Helpful accessories for spinning, such as WPI gauges, nostepinnes, and niddy noddies.

  • Vinyl Decals

    Vinyl Decals

    Fiber art related vinyl decals for car windows, laptops or other smooth surfaces.

  • Books


    Fiber arts-related books.

  • Dyeing Supplies

    Dyeing Supplies

    Natural dyes from hardwood sources.

  • Knitting & Crochet

    Knitting & Crochet

    Supplies for knitting and crochet.

  • Looms & Weaving Supplies

    Looms & Weaving Supplies

    Small looms and other weaving supplies. For instructions on how to warp one of our Tinkle Looms, please read this page.

  • Lucet


    Tools to make cord.

  • Naalbinding


    Also known as “Single Needle Netting,” naalbinding is an ancient fiber art which uses only one needle.

  • Sprang


    A fabric-making technique which twists warp threads together in different patterns made by interlinking, interlacing, and intertwining the warps. (Why yes, that is Spanish Peacock-themed sprang…why do you ask?)

  • Thread


    Thread in a variety of weights, fibers and colors.

  • Ornaments


    Half scale spindle reproductions for holiday or everyday use. Proceeds from ornament sales will be used to purchase toys which are donated to the United States Marine Corps Reserves “Toys for Tots”


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